Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday - Day Trip to Boston

Taking the time to spend with your friends is truly priceless. Since this semester (and last) started, I barely got to see my best friends anymore. We hug out all summer and then school starts and BAM all you can think about is school. It doesn't help that we all work and have different lives though. So my two best friends invited me to go to Boston on a day trip. We got up to Harvard Square (where I have not been before) around noon time and it took us a half hour to find parking. Then we found a 30 minute meter and went to an international bookstore called Schoenhof's Foreign Books. I bought a mini French - English dictionary and my favorite French book Madame Bovary by Flobert. Such a beautifully tragic novel and it describes modern day relationships perfectly! I had to read it last summer for a literature in translation course so you can find it in English!

So we started our day off like we usually do with some Dunkin Donuts. I always get an iced hazelnut with a chocolate sprinkled donut :)

Later in the day we all had to use the bathroom but in order to do so, you have to buy something in a restaurant. So we found a Panera Bread and we all bought something cheap because we weren't too hungry. I got a half of a Chicken Ceasar sandwich with the kettle cooked chips they usually come with.

As you can tell, we didn't have much of a dinner either. We got back home and one of my friend suggested getting ice cream so we went to a local shop and I got a small Moose Tracks. If you don't know what Moose Tracks ice cream is, it's vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and chocolate throughout the ice cream. We were so tired after our long day that we went back to get our things and fell asleep for a few hours until 10p.m. when I had to leave. Overall though it was a great day and definitely well needed with them!


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