Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shopping trip!

Yesterday I had a lovely day out at the local mall with one of my girlfriends! We're both in college now so I don't get to see her, especially because she goes to school out of state. So we went for lunch and she bought a ukulele!
And then we went to Nordstrom to look at her obsession of Toms, then headed over to H&M where I found the cutest sweater! It's gray with a lace skull on the front!
Then we saw that Victoria's Secret was having their semi-annual 75% off sale! So I naturally bought a lot of stuff from there, but it was all beauty related! Have a nice Saturday!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crab Rangoons!

Yes, another food post! Haha, well one of the older women that I work with was telling me yesterday about how she was going to make some crab rangoons for dinner that night.  So I got excited and told my boyfriend that I could make them for him for lunch, which was what I did today! Well, earlier today, or more like yesterday.  But anyway, I'm not one to cook much since my forte in the kitchen is ONLY baking but these were pretty much self explanatory!

8 oz cream cheese
8 oz crab meat (I used canned)
Pinch of black pepper
Small bowl of water
Package of Wonton wrappers
Soy Sauce
Frying oil

All you have to do is mix together equal parts cream cheese to equal parts crab meat, a pinch of black pepper and some soy sauce.  Once combined, get a baking sheet and put one wonton wrapper on it.  In the center, lightly spread a teaspoon of the cream cheese mixture.  Then dip a finger into the water and drag it along two sides of the wrapper so that when you fold it down it will form a triangle.  Next, fold it over so that the square or diamond looks like a triangle and make sure it's closed securely.  Now for mine I also dipped my finger into the water again and wet one side of the triangle and overlapped it onto the other side.  It now would look like a mix between a crown and a tortellini!  Repeat until the mixture is used up!  Now pour some oil into a frying pan, let it heat up and put a few rangoons in at a time (maybe 3 or 4) and when one side is a nice golden brown, flip and then put them on a paper towel to drain excess oil.  Also, while the uncooked rangoons are waiting for the frying pan, cover them with a damp towel so they do not get dried out.  You can serve these with anything you want really.  Like maybe some sweet and sour sauce, but my boyfriend and I used some plain old soy sauce with some brown sugar mixed in.  Bon appetite!

My day

My shirt from Forever21 that I got in NYC and the butter sponge cake from my last post! And some strawberries, gotta have them in here!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Julia Child's Perfect Butter Sponge Cake

So I found a post on I think craft gawker, which is weird because that's a crafting site, of a perfect sponge cake! The recipe for the cake and fillings is found on

The cake has a strawberry jam and a sweetened condensed milk layer and the "frosting" is basically a whipped cream. But don't worry, all three are on the blog post from Lulus Sweet Secrets. Also, instead of making 3 different smaller cakes, my boyfriend and I made one cake and just used a leveler to make two layers.

Bon appetite!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

5th Time in the City

I'm so bad with keeping up with posts haha, but here are the pictures I took in NYC when I went last month.  It was my fifth time, so nothing was really new... but again, I still haven't been to the fashion district!  It was fun, but the man that opened the door for me at the Chanel boutique took my salted caramel mocha that I bought at Starbucks.  He actually thought I would want it back! They surprisingly did not have much in the boutique, but I'm going to save up to buy my first Chanel bag!  Or I might just go up to Boston for the day and get one there since I think I remember a Chanel boutique (which was quite large) last time I was on Newbury Street.  Oh well, Happy New Year everyone!