Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cupcakes and Dye Blots

So I had a productive(ish) day today running errands, doing some lovely college summer homework, baking and dyeing some muslin. I literally was dyeing fabric and baking cupcakes at the same time.. which worked but I kept thinking I was going to splash my RIT dye into my batter so, I had my stuff at opposite ends of my kitchen! But it all worked out in the end; I made some chocolate devils food cake cupcakes with that new vanilla Cool Whip frosting (which is amazing and spreads like a dream compared to everything else). I also had a few cool patterns that turned out while I was dyeing my muslin. I love dyeing fabric but it's quite a process with the boiling, soaking, rinsing, washing, rinsing (again), drying and finally ironing the final product. And trust me, no matter how long I iron for, I can never fully get out all the wrinkles! By the way, I'm making a knitting needle/knitting supply roll up. Kind of like a makeup brush roll or jewelry roll. Well anyway, have a wonderful night!

yummy chocolate cupcakes with cool whip frosting and cheetah print cupcake liners

(I used RIT dye in Wine for both swatches) Doesn't this look like a giant tree with an oval door and two leaves for the upper windows and a huge bunch of branches and leaves? I thought so.

This one was the first I noticed that had a really cool pattern. I always sort of tie dye my fabric but so that I have images in a way.. this one look like it has a lot of leaves with a smaller tree in the middle. To the right of the tree there is a sideways pansy right?!

Anyone use Tiger Balm before? A friend at work suggested it to me because I get bad headaches. I hope it works! It's a perfect travel size too! Damn thing was $8 though haha

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Summer and Happy June!

Had my first beach day the other day. I went with my boyfriend and had an amazing time! It was gorgeous out and the water was still chilly but it was great!