Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mustache Nails and Coco Chanel

Def. finding a tutorial to do this!
yes, of course I had to add Gaga!
pictures from tumblr and weheartit
1.  Bonjour! How is everyone? I'm good, just stressing over a french project on Coco Chanel due tomorrow that I barely started :S.  I have to write everything that I am telling the class in french and I have to write a page I guess about Coco and then a worksheet.  The directions weren't very clear lol.  So, I have like half of her bio thing written.. woops! Anyway, March is almost over! Why am I so excited? WE HAVE NO DAYS OFF IN MARCH! ugh!

2.  The pictures above are just some inspiration... I feel like im turning hippie-ish.  I've always LOVED fringe, feathers, indian wear, and dream catchers so I feel like my summer will be full of that!  Oh, and lace and florals.. naturally! ;) Maybe even a little neon too? I don't know yetttt.  What about you guys?  What are your must-haves for spring/summer?  I also found this song on youtube today called Mouthwash by Kate Nash.. ever heard of it? It's ah-mazing!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Top: H&M (after 2 hours of looking for the store!)
Jeans: AE

1.  So, last saturday, March 5th, the jazz 'A' band at my school took a day trip to Boston to participate in the Berklee Jazz Festival.  Even though we placed 7th out of 16 in our division, it was still an awesome time.  Especially when we got to go shopping around Newberry Street for three hours... which my friends and I just got lost basically the whole time haha.  We were looking for Forever 21 and H&M and everyone that we talked to gave us the wrong directions! So after getting lost for 1 1/2 hrs we finally found H&M which was back in the opposite direction that we passed and a few blocks over -___-. Then, we found a few friends in the Apple store, so we all decided to go back out and look for Forever 21 which was past the convention center where we didn't go and a block over.  Then, my friend Kat and I decided to go back to the convention center after she bought some things from Forever 21 and once we got back, the fire alarm was going off and they had to evacuate the whole center!  So we just walked around to the side and went into the mall for a little while.  It was only a false alarm, some kid pulled the fire alarm *rolls eyes*.  Overall, it was a pretty fantastic day! 

P.S. The first two pictures were taken from the top floor of the convention center!  All photos were taken by me :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

He Won't Go

Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Jeans: American Eagle
Bracelet: Pandora
Eiffel Tower Charm: Kay Jewlers
Peace Sign Necklace: Silpada

1.  So, this is my very first ever actual outfit post! I'm so happy! haha. Yes, I edited the pictures, I like the vintagy look to them, but after I uploaded them they didn't look so good... oh well haha. 

2.  Have any of you guys listened to Adele's new album?! I listened to most of her new songs on YouTube, and my favorite is Rolling In the Deep and He Won't Go.  I'm an avid band geek, so I kind of pick apart every song I listen to and it's a good change to hear actual instruments in songs other than synthesizers.  Like the amazing pounding drums in Rolling in the Deep and the piano in He Won't Go is beautiful. (I have been playing the flute for concert band for 7 years, and I started piano lessons in third grade and after two years and this is the first year that i've played since!  I play for jazz band and I should have never taken a 6 year break -___-).  Is it geeky that i'm talking about band? haha oh well :)