Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mustache Nails and Coco Chanel

Def. finding a tutorial to do this!
yes, of course I had to add Gaga!
pictures from tumblr and weheartit
1.  Bonjour! How is everyone? I'm good, just stressing over a french project on Coco Chanel due tomorrow that I barely started :S.  I have to write everything that I am telling the class in french and I have to write a page I guess about Coco and then a worksheet.  The directions weren't very clear lol.  So, I have like half of her bio thing written.. woops! Anyway, March is almost over! Why am I so excited? WE HAVE NO DAYS OFF IN MARCH! ugh!

2.  The pictures above are just some inspiration... I feel like im turning hippie-ish.  I've always LOVED fringe, feathers, indian wear, and dream catchers so I feel like my summer will be full of that!  Oh, and lace and florals.. naturally! ;) Maybe even a little neon too? I don't know yetttt.  What about you guys?  What are your must-haves for spring/summer?  I also found this song on youtube today called Mouthwash by Kate Nash.. ever heard of it? It's ah-mazing!


  1. such a massive fan of your blog
    def following

  2. Great post and I looove those moustache nails!! xx

  3. them nails are adorable! lovely post xx

  4. OMG hhhaaa i want aall the rings fab post x


  5. Those moustache nails are brilliant! x

  6. Cute post!! I love the nails and the beatles tee ;)


  7. Love these photos! :)