Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dreaming With A Broken Heart - John Mayer

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my latest favorites for apartment decor!
1.  Hmm, almost three weeks since my last post? !!! I've been really busy though :( My honors english class just finished reading The Scarlet Letter and we are now writing an essay about Hester starting out as a victim and transforming herself into a heroine.  I finished my outline Wednesday night and brought it in early Thursday morning for her to make comments on (the final was due Friday morning) but when I went to class in the afternoon, she had graded it! Haha, I was shocked but hey, I was proud I got a 96 on it! Now we're doing the works cited (already done) and the intro/conclusion is due Wednesday... ughhh. Anyway, after work yesterday I walked over to Barnes and Noble to meet my mom (my work is in the same plaza as B&N). I had to get another book for my english class to read. She gave us a list and I instantly gravitated towards A Tree Grows in Brooklyn mainly because I ALWAYS see the poster for it in the cafe area of B&N. 

2.  So, about work... I got my first job a few days ago! I now work at DSW! Ahaha. I think I'm going back today to get a pair of Keds.  They're the eyelet ones :D

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