Monday, November 19, 2012


So today was the first time that I have baked something in so long. I literally cannot remember the last time! So my boyfriend posted a chocolate cake on his tumblr about a week ago and it looked so good so obviously because it was chocolate, I had to make it! It's called the Sachertorte, and I followed the recipe exactly until it called for an apricot glaze and in the middle of fall, there aren't too many apricots growing! So I skipped that step and I think the cake came out pretty good. I have yet to try a piece since it's really late and I was too lazy to cut a slice, but I will tomorrow! Also, this cake took quite a while. I started at around 5 p.m. and I didn't get done until exactly 8:30 p.m. The reward is great though!… well it looks great so far!

This is the final result, chilling in the refrigerator so the chocolate layer on top sets.
I also changed the name of this blog to La Brune Lavande, french for Lavender Brunette.

I didn't want to make another post about how the cake turned out because I want to do another post today! It was a little dry and not very chocolaty, but it was very good! I recommend doing the apricot glaze or putting whipped cream on the top when you're going to eat it :)

Oh and the recipe I used was one that I found on and the website is here!
Happy baking!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY Anklet/Bracelet

So I've had this beaded feather necklace for a while that I bought from AE and never wore, so today I decided to deconstruct it and make and anklet! You can also make it into a bracelet too, but I have a lot of those already.


  • necklace you don't use
  • needle nose pliers
  • patience! 

First I took the three larger feathers off including their jump rings

next I took off the lobster claw, its jump ring and the chain that you can adjust the size with

Taking the three feathers and their jump rings, I attached them to the inside strand of beads from the necklace.

After successfully attaching the feathers, measure around your wrist or ankle how big you want it to be. Then cut it evenly on both sides.

Next apply the jump ring and lobster claw to one end of the chain and close it securely.

Lastly, take the adjuster chain and it's jump ring on the opposite end of the bracelet/anklet and securely close it.

Finished product!
I hope you all like it! 


Oh my god I haven't posted on here in so long! Because of my senior year, being new to tumblr and having a boyfriend, I couldn't really get on here much but I still appreciate all of my lovely followers and your comments! They really brighten my day! So college is starting in a week and I'm so excited so I think I'm going to post my daily outfit on here, no matter what it is. But should I do only the five days a week in at school without the weekend or with the weekends? Comment and let me know! It's easier for me to post my ootd now than before because I have the iPhone! Well that's not really the reason. Let me rephrase that; I have a phone connected to the Internet lol. So now I can snap a picture and up it goes!

One more thing before I go, I remember posting about the Hunger Games movie in theaters and guess what?! It's out now! I still haven't gotten it but I will soon! Later today I'll post a picture of my moms birthday gift. Im painting her a pansy and hopefully getting it framed :)


Saturday, March 24, 2012


all images were found on tumblr
So I really didn't think I would like the Hunger Games, and I hate following trends, but I just had to read it. It was amazing! I just got the second book and I'm going to start reading it tonight! I can't wait! Oh and I can't wait to see the movie either!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Skull DIY

So yesterday was an exciting day! I was at my local fabric store, about to head to the register to check out and what do I hear? The fire alarm. So we all had to evacuate the store, and everyone else in the plaza, until the firemen cleared it. There wasn't even a fire, so someone must have pulled the alarm. But in the end I got my fabrics that I will be making into shift dresses. The first fabric is a lovely royal blue color for my graduation outfit and the second is a linen white and chocolate leopard pattern for another dress.  I also stopped by another store and picked up a T-shirt for my little DIY I promised on Chiara's skull T-shirt.  Though, I do recommend turning the shirt inside out before drawing the design, and getting the shirt (if you're a girl) in a mens size, one that covers your butt so the skull will be larger.

Step 1: First, insert a piece of cardboard between the front and back layers of the T-shirt so that the marker won't bleed through.  On the back of your T-shirt, draw the eyes, nose, teeth and lower jaw of the skull. 
Note: Try to draw the shapes a little smaller so when you cut out the design, there will be no more marker left over.

Step 2: Once the drawing is complete, start to carefully cut out the design. After you have finished cutting, stretch out the T-shirt so that it will get a more distressed look. You can do so just by pulling on it.

My final product!
Thanks! I hope you enjoyed this DIY! 
Leave a comment down below for another DIY if you have any ideas!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Springtime Crave

Just a few items that I found at today when I got an email from them saying that they're having a 50% off sale. These are a few that I found under $35 that I really want. Ugh, a new season brings an unhealthy craving for new clothes!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Summer Time in Thailand

I just finished my daily blog readings, which of course includes Chiara from The Blonde Salad. I just love her fashion style and her current vacation through Thailand. I just love her outfits too, especially the skull T-shirt and her yellow sundress!

I'll probably do a tutorial on how to remake this skull T-shirt because I absolutely love it! Last summer, I took an oversized UnderDog T-shirt and cut up the back, so this should be just as simple.

I might also attempt to make this dress. I have a similar one from Francesca's with a grey and black leopard print. A lot of my clothing is grey, so a nice summery color like orange or this yellow above would do wonders to my wardrobe.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ex-hair dye virgin

I haven't posted since October?! What?! Sorry! I think I stopped for a while because I had barely any followers and nobody ever commented on my stuff, but now after taking a break, I miss blogging. I'll try to blog in my free time, when I'm not working. A lot has changed since I stopped blogging. I got a boyfriend, dyed my hair red, lost a friend, cut my hair short, dyed it back to dark brown, and got accepted to MassArt! This was the first time I every dyed my hair, besides ombreing it last summer.  I'll post some before and afters of my hair down below! Oh and I found this really cool nail tutorial while looking through my bloglovin' a few minutes ago. You can find it here!

Original hair:

Red hair:

Dark Brown: