Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY Anklet/Bracelet

So I've had this beaded feather necklace for a while that I bought from AE and never wore, so today I decided to deconstruct it and make and anklet! You can also make it into a bracelet too, but I have a lot of those already.


  • necklace you don't use
  • needle nose pliers
  • patience! 

First I took the three larger feathers off including their jump rings

next I took off the lobster claw, its jump ring and the chain that you can adjust the size with

Taking the three feathers and their jump rings, I attached them to the inside strand of beads from the necklace.

After successfully attaching the feathers, measure around your wrist or ankle how big you want it to be. Then cut it evenly on both sides.

Next apply the jump ring and lobster claw to one end of the chain and close it securely.

Lastly, take the adjuster chain and it's jump ring on the opposite end of the bracelet/anklet and securely close it.

Finished product!
I hope you all like it! 

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