Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Oh my god I haven't posted on here in so long! Because of my senior year, being new to tumblr and having a boyfriend, I couldn't really get on here much but I still appreciate all of my lovely followers and your comments! They really brighten my day! So college is starting in a week and I'm so excited so I think I'm going to post my daily outfit on here, no matter what it is. But should I do only the five days a week in at school without the weekend or with the weekends? Comment and let me know! It's easier for me to post my ootd now than before because I have the iPhone! Well that's not really the reason. Let me rephrase that; I have a phone connected to the Internet lol. So now I can snap a picture and up it goes!

One more thing before I go, I remember posting about the Hunger Games movie in theaters and guess what?! It's out now! I still haven't gotten it but I will soon! Later today I'll post a picture of my moms birthday gift. Im painting her a pansy and hopefully getting it framed :)


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