Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Hi everyone! Welcome back!

I've posted a new video on my YouTube channel on how to make a floral bikini top!

Watch the video below and you can follow along with the written instructions. Please note, the instructions for the cherry blossoms are found here! It's not the same exact link as the one I used, but I basically used a generic flower pattern.


5 mm hook (bikini top)
3.75 mm hook (flowers and contrasting band)
Medium weight yarn in 2 colors 

Cup Sizes:
A - 24 stitches
B - 26 stitches
C - 28 stitches
D - 30 stitches

Size xs/small

Row 1: Ch 71 stitches, turn

Row 2: SC 70 stitches, CH 2, turn

Row 3: Skip 1st SC and DC into the second SC *CH2, skip stitch, DC in next stitch* Repeat from * to * until the end of the row. Ch1, turn

Rows 4-6: SC across, CH 1, turn.

Row 7: Fold work in half and mark the center stitch with a marker. SC across until you reach the stitch right before the marker. CH 1, turn.

Row 8: Mark cup size number of stitches out from where you are on your work. SC to the marker, crocheting into the marker point this time, CH 1, turn.

Row 9: SC to midpoint, ch 1, turn.

Row 10: Place a marker 7 stitches in on both sides of your cup size in stitches. SC 6, SC 2 in the marker, SC to next marker, SC 2 in that marker, SC to the end, CH 1, turn. *REMEMBER TO PLACE MARKER BACK INTO THE SPOT WHERE YOU SC 2*!!

Row 11: Repeat Row 10 (SC 6, SC 2 in the marker, SC to next marker, SC 2 in that marker, SC to the end, CH 1, turn).

Row 12: Mark mid point, SC to marker, SC 2TOG, mark spot again, SC to the end, CH 1, turn.

Repeat Row 12 until you have 4 SC left on your work.


1. SC 2TOG on your 4 SC left, CH 91, turn.

2. SC across (90 stitches) and SC 2TOG, Bind off.


Start with ROW 8 to make the other cup!


Please follow the link above to learn how to crochet the flowers.
Make 6-8 depending on your cup size.


Using the smaller hook used for the flowers, chain a chain that is 3 times the length of the initial 70 stitches. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I SPENT HOW MUCH ON HELLO KITTY?! | Hello Kitty Café Boston Vlog

Hello, everyone! Last month I took a trip to Boston to visit the Hello Kitty Café Truck that arrived for the day. It was expensive but worth it! Watch my vlog above and stay tuned for the Primark/Hello Kitty Café Truck Haul coming soon :)

I spent $117 buying one of everything on the food truck haha. Leave a comment below if YouTube sent you here!


Monday, March 20, 2017

Too Faced, Lipstick Queen & M.A.C. | Spring Makeup Haul 3.20.17

I went impromptu spring makeup shopping yesterday! I originally wanted to purchase my first high-end foundation (preferably Nars Sheer Glow in Mt. Blanc) however they didn't have it at the Sephora I was at. I forwent the foundation for three other impromptu items! And I say "impromptu" because as we were driving past Ulta, I remembered they were having another 21 Days of Beauty event. I ran in and grabbed the Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16-Hour Blush in "How Deep is Your Love?" The packaging is adorable and they had quite a few shades to pick from! There is a decent sized mirror inside as well as the cutest printed design on the blush itself 😍

While in the checkout line I saw a display for the Lipstick Queen Frog Prince lipstick! Every time I tried to purchase it, it was always sold out. So I, unfortunately, spent an extra $25 but hey, it was worth it! I also struggle to find a "your lips but better" color that won't smudge or ball up so this color was perfect! It does, however, dry my lips out a bit so I suggest a chapstick before applying.

Last, but not least, I went to my local M.A.C. counter. Now I know makeup goes bad but I never had an issue with concealers. I have the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden and it is definitely bad. I know it's also an eyeshadow primer so I only use it when applying eyeshadow or liner to my lids. However, when applying my eyeshadow on top of the primer, it makes these skip marks and just seems like the product dries out once applied. It makes everything look bad so I wanted to upgrade to a M.A.C Paint Pot in Painterly. Hopefully, this product won't give me the same issue if it does go bad (fingers crossed I use it before that happens!)

I will probably do another makeup video on my YouTube channel for a spring makeup look using these new products! 

Happy Spring! 🌹💐🐰🌸

Xx Steph

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Weekend Makeup & Hair Tutorial

Hey everyone! I posted a new tutorial over on my YouTube channel! Go check it out and give it some love <3