Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Skull DIY

So yesterday was an exciting day! I was at my local fabric store, about to head to the register to check out and what do I hear? The fire alarm. So we all had to evacuate the store, and everyone else in the plaza, until the firemen cleared it. There wasn't even a fire, so someone must have pulled the alarm. But in the end I got my fabrics that I will be making into shift dresses. The first fabric is a lovely royal blue color for my graduation outfit and the second is a linen white and chocolate leopard pattern for another dress.  I also stopped by another store and picked up a T-shirt for my little DIY I promised on Chiara's skull T-shirt.  Though, I do recommend turning the shirt inside out before drawing the design, and getting the shirt (if you're a girl) in a mens size, one that covers your butt so the skull will be larger.

Step 1: First, insert a piece of cardboard between the front and back layers of the T-shirt so that the marker won't bleed through.  On the back of your T-shirt, draw the eyes, nose, teeth and lower jaw of the skull. 
Note: Try to draw the shapes a little smaller so when you cut out the design, there will be no more marker left over.

Step 2: Once the drawing is complete, start to carefully cut out the design. After you have finished cutting, stretch out the T-shirt so that it will get a more distressed look. You can do so just by pulling on it.

My final product!
Thanks! I hope you enjoyed this DIY! 
Leave a comment down below for another DIY if you have any ideas!

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