Saturday, January 5, 2013

5th Time in the City

I'm so bad with keeping up with posts haha, but here are the pictures I took in NYC when I went last month.  It was my fifth time, so nothing was really new... but again, I still haven't been to the fashion district!  It was fun, but the man that opened the door for me at the Chanel boutique took my salted caramel mocha that I bought at Starbucks.  He actually thought I would want it back! They surprisingly did not have much in the boutique, but I'm going to save up to buy my first Chanel bag!  Or I might just go up to Boston for the day and get one there since I think I remember a Chanel boutique (which was quite large) last time I was on Newbury Street.  Oh well, Happy New Year everyone!  

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