Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sophomore Year

So, my sophomore year of college is finally over.. well the classes are but I still have exams. I have an online exam for Economics, a portfolio to finish writing for my Writing class, an actual exam Friday for Communications and I have to make a pair of jeans for a fellow classmate in my Modaris class. Next week will be so busy for me! Tomorrow I will be in the school's studio from morning probably until it closes and then my friends and I are going to Boston Monday. They want me to sleep over though so I guess the party starts tomorrow night! haha but then Tuesday I have to work, Wednesday my final jeans are due, Thursday I scored a design interview for a shop on a local island this summer and Friday I have another exam. Saturday? I have no idea. I'm trying to keep busy too because of my 'significant other' that doesn't know how to make up his mind. We're apparently on a 'break' starting today.. it's all weird and new to me and basically sounds like an excuse.
Okay, so enough of that update, I cannot wait for this interview!! It would be awesome to score the internship with this designer and it would be so sweet to get a job in the fall with them! I'm hoping this summer will be a good one. I never really have a 'fun' summer but it will be this year! I need to stop worrying and waiting around for people.
Sophomore year was basically a blur for me though. I can barely remember the fall semester because it went by so quickly! I had a draping and a pattern making class that were the death of me. Literally every class we had something due and another assignment. And they were two different classes! Well I'm glad I got the experience and can put it on my resumé! This semester I had a class on the Modaris computer program which is digital pattern making software. Same as last semester though, it all became a blur with everything being due at once. I'm just grateful I learned a lot this semester and I got to participate in my first fashion show!
This fall I have the second Economics class, a written/reading and oral french classes, a nutrition class and I can finally take the Apparel Design class that I have been trying to get into for the past year! I was scheduled to take it last semester but seeing how only 3 people were in the section, it wouldn't run. Then this semester it was during the Modaris course. I decided to take the Textile Science course next spring so I could take Apparel Design. Maybe I'll be in France next spring though...hmm. I'm still deciding on this because of the 'significant other' issue I mentioned. Well, we will just have to wait and see what happens! Only time will tell :)
This summer will just be a fresh start, to find myself and not let someone in a relationship walk all over me because I'm afraid of us leaving each other. Sometimes I feel like I help change the lives of the people I meet, but I've never had someone do that for me. I would love for someone to pay for my gas when I was jobless and take me out all the time. I don't know why I do things like that for people that treat me badly, I can't help it sometimes. I will change though because I'm worth more than that. On that note, I will talk about the fashion show tomorrow in another post!

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