Friday, May 9, 2014

Foodie Friday - 5.9.14

Sorry about not posting yesterday! I almost made it doing one post a day but I can make it for next week! I think I should at least do them one day ahead of time because sometimes I just get busy with things and forget. Today I didn't have my exam until 3PM so I went to the store for some ingredients to bake!

I had to get lemons and eggs for this recipe and they came out awesome. I have only made lemon squares a few times before but these are the best I have ever had. I think it's because they're made will lemon juice from all 6 lemons (even though I only had to use 4). I also had to zest the lemon with a knife because I don't have a zester and I juiced the lemons with my hands and a fork haha.

I also made a pesto, tomato and mozzarella grilled sandwich that came out awesome too! That recipe can also be found here. However, I used pre-made pesto from the grocery store.

Happy cooking/baking everyone!

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