Sunday, March 2, 2014

January/February Empties

My first empties post! I have had a lot of products I've used up lately so I kind of kept them in my makeup bag to save for a post and I have about 3 maybe 4 products to show you guys!

So I think I have a slight obsession with face wipes... I even have mini packs in my purse for when I sleep out. I know, it's bad but I can't help it! I just have this weird issue with washing my face with face wash if I'm not in the shower. I just hate when my hair gets all wet in the front and I can't see anything and then my face gets cold if I don't dry it fast enough. Just a whole list of problems haha so I started using face wipes to remove my makeup when I'm not in the shower and they're a dream. I am just about finished with these Maybelline face wipes and they're OK compared to the others I have used. They do leave a greasy/oily feeling and look after using them though. But I am glad that they smell good because some that I have tried smell horrible. I will probably do a mass review on all of the face wipes I have tried so far.

Next, I got a sample of Benefit''s Hello Flawless!' Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation in a birchbox last year and I immediately fell in love with it! I use the lightest shade which is 'I'm Pure 4 Sure' Ivory and sometimes it can still be a little too dark. But it could just be my horrible bathroom lighting. I also have a problem with foundations because I find them all to be too yellowy toned when I am more of a pink undertone. I literally have tried every drugstore BB cream known to man and nothing has been just right. I mean, this foundation has the best consistency for me, just a little yellowy. Also, if you have dry skin or flaky skin I suggest using a face scrub a few times a week because this foundation like enhances the dead skin trying to peel off. Trust me, it is quite annoying when people ask what's on your face haha.

Oh good God I literally love this hand cream. Soap and Glory's Hand Food Hand Cream is to dye for. I bought a purse size (1.7 oz) at my local JCP Sephora for $5 back in November and I just ran out the other day. Definitely lasted me a while and it worked wonders on my dry hands. I absolutely HATE when my hands feel dry after washing them at school or in a restaurant so this hand cream has saved my life so many times. The smell of it is subtle and definitely not too strong and the packaging is just too cute with the pink! I have not tried a lot of Soap and Glory products but some of my favorite YouTubers, like FleurDeForce, rave about their products (especially the gloss sticks that I want but my local Sephora doesn't carry them and I don't want to pay $5 for shipping online).


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