Thursday, April 18, 2013

So I have been dying for a Céline t-shirt, but they're like $25 a pop! So I do what I do best... make one myself! I already had all the materials, but I got the tank top at H&M for $5.95 and the clothing transfer sheets were I think $10 at A.C. Moore like four years ago. The template I used is found here, it's supposed to be backwards so don't worry! You don't have to resize it or anything on your computer but I think you just have to change the print setting to landscape instead of portrait. Then carefully cut out around the words and I left a stem between the Céline and Paris so it looks the same. Now I measured the distance across the chest of my tank top which was 18" then divide it in half (9") and I just lined the print out on it about 2 inches down from the neckline. Iron it onto the shirt (mine took like 5 minutes to stick because its a polyester tank top) then let it cool and carefully peel! Have fun!

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