Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Yawk City

Really cannot wait until this Saturday!! Why you ask? Because the language clubs at school are going to NYC for the day then going to Little Italy for dinner. I have been to Times Square several times, but never anywhere else, so I'm mostly excited for Little Italy.  
I can't wait to smell the roasting peanuts and go into Macy's, the M&M store and the billions of Forever 21 and H&M's!!! I feel like I'll be the tour guide to all of the fashion stores for everyone though, but oh well, I guess they just admire my style? Dunno, but I did find out that a bunch of the cheerleader/preppy chicks at school voted me 'Most Artistic' for the senior superlatives... a nice little surprise I guess no? 

P.S. My favorite Forever 21 in NYC is the one next to the disney store because it's like one story, but the other floors go down into the basement and there are like 2 or 3 in total <33
P.P.S. I now have Empire State of Mind stuck in my head lol.


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  2. I was there in 2009, very lovely place to live.

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