Saturday, January 1, 2011

boring day

dress worn as a shirt from H&M last year for a dance
necklace from forever21

1.  So, how was everyone's New Year celebration?  I didn't do much today, just went to a family member's house for corned beef and cabbage.. yummm.  Then I headed to my friend's birthday party.  Not really a busy day, but I was entertained.

2.  Oh, yesterday I went shopping, but I think I am going to return two things.  I'll post a haul after I exchanged and stuff.  Though, I did get this necklace from forever21 but the middle feather keeps falling off! ugh. 


  1. Hey, happy new year!! Wishing you love and happiness :-) xoxxooxo

  2. that's a gorgeous dream catcher !

  3. ohh!! great post!!!
    love your blog!!!
    happy new year!