Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream

I have never really done product reviews before, so yay for this being my first one! I bought this product last November around my birthday in recommendation from my sister. I literally have the driest T-zone EVER during the winter and oddly this spring and summer too. This past winter though my skin was severely dry and I even used aquaphor which did not even help!

The cream inside the pot is like a clearish-pink gel that cools your face. I just run my index finger along the top and that is enough to cover my entire face. This product is one where a little goes a long way.

After a day of using this product along with my daily makeup my face stays moisturized all day long. It is such an amazing product and changed my skin! I bought mine from Walgreens for around $8 and it has lasted me from November until today with daily use (thankfully I bought another a week ago) so the 1.7FL OZ jar lasts about 9 months! Another wonderful attribute! Although I just found it online at Walmart for $6.97 so I would recommend buying it there if you can. Overall, this product is amazing and I will continue to repurchase it!


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