Friday, March 22, 2013


So my day started off with my friend coming over so I can measure her for my school's fashion show coming up. It's just a casual fashion show, like you can have one outfit and it's okay. So she's one of my models and I finished her outfit (sort of) today. She's wearing a coraly pink pleated sheer maxi skirt, but when I finished it, I tried it on and it like poofs out in the hip area. So instead of doing a bandeau for the top I might just turn the skirt into a dress and add a hi-low hem... but I'm still not sure. For my other design it's like a ruffly dress and I'm still debating about putting sleeves on the dress or having it like a tank top dress without sleeves. Also I was going to do a hi-low hem on the dress too but I'm not sure if it will be too much with both dresses having the same hem. My second model's my younger cousin and the dress is a beautiful bright turquoise/sky blue which will match her eyes.
After measuring my friend, I got ready to go to school for 12 but I left a little too late and I drove 1/3 of the way there and just turned back around haha. So I went to Walgreens and got a Hello Kitty notebook and folder and then I went to Ulta to get the new L'Oreal ombré dye, some burts bees face wipes (the best face wipes ever!), and two Not My Mother's products (sea spray and a heat protectant). Then I headed over to DSW because I had a coupon of course and I got these wicked cute coral keds for only $24! And of course I ended at Barnes and Noble and bought a new black moleskine notebook since my red one is now officially filled up! I also got lured into the Starbucks there and got my the amazing passion fruit tea <3. I literally can't buy anything else this month or next because before I left I bought a flower box that came with french herbes (lavender, thyme and roquette) and a mini strawberry kit to plant. I don't know how well they will do since I bought them in a bookstore, but let's hope for the best! They were after all almost $20! And then I ended up buying the Barnes and Noble membership for a year -_- haha I need to stop buying stuff. Someone take my cards!

New Moleskine and Passion Fruit iced tea!
First thing in my new Moleskine! Some pretty cherry blossoms! It took me a while sitting there in the Starbucks café to draw this.
Baby strawberry kit on the left, my French herbes kit and Coconut trying to get in the picture.
Have a nice day! 

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