Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mug from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
T-Shirt: H&M

So i haven't posted in a while :( so sad. Haha. But great news, well sorta good news I guess.  Well, I bought a Macbook Pro yesterday!  The bad news is that it is wicked $$, I have one job and I need a car before school starts on August 30th.  So yeah I am in quite the pickle.  I also barely have any experience with a mac so I am like soo confused.  For example, how do you save a picture from the internet and then put it as your background?? On a lighter note, I named my laptop Shakira lol, yes, Shakira.. but pronounced Shakida. Well, must be off and I guess get ready for work today because someone called me and wanted me to take their shift. Yay for me!.. not. Haha


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