Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Outlast Lipstain in 440 & Lashblast Volume
Both are Covergirl

New products that I bought from E.L.F. that finally came in today!

   OMG it's been so long, almost a month?!!  Well, I had exams, work etc. sooo I did not really have any time for blogging unfortunately.  But schools out so I can blog endlessly. I am so excited for the next school year seeing as I am now a senior! haha & the next band trip is to Penn, which probably won't be that great but for the first time EVER the Jazz bands are going on a trip!  We are either going to Louisianna or a cruise on the Bahama's... which will obviously result with a long blog post and amazing pictures.  Well I'm going to make dinner and watch The Audrey Hepburn Story I got from Netflix.


P.S. What is Midsummer?!

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  1. Fantastic!!!!*_*