Sunday, May 8, 2011

coup de coeur ♥

all images courtesy of The Vogue Diaries

1.  How did I just find out about Pixie Lott's amazing fashion sense? Ugh. I absolutely LOVE it! Especially how she always wears those neon orange/coral oxfords.. simply love them.  I just decided that I am going to inspire all of my trip looks by her :) By the way, I'm going on a band trip Thursday 5/12 to Monday 5/16. I can't waaaiiitttt! I haven't been on a band trip since Florida in 2009.  There is one every year, but last year they went to Washington D.C. so I didn't go because I had already gone to D.C. Where am I going? You'll have to wait and see ;) I'll upload my outfits when I get back, maybe I'll do it on Tuesday night seeing as it's my only free day to do anything that week!

2.  My busy week you ask, well, I get back Monday night from an 8-10 hour bus drive -___-, Tuesday is my day to myself unless I have to work, Wednesday I have my spring band concert, Thursday I am being initiated into the Language Honor Society pour le francais ;), Friday is my Junior Prom and then post prom runs into Saturday at 5 am.  So yeah, a busy week. Oh joy.. Although, Lady Gaga's new album Born This Way comes out the following Monday!! Sooo excited.  Propa Gaga also has all of the live performances from Madison Square Garden ready to download here :) enjoy.


P.S. Happy Mother's Day!! My dad and I made crepes for my mom when she came home from her other breakfast with my sister Nicole.... in the least, she stole my thunder of a Mother's Day breakfast haha 


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  2. Thank you guys so much! :D

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  4. She' amazing and I love her style!!! really beautiful :)

    great blog, xoxo

  5. she's totally gorgeous. x

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  6. I love her style so much! :)

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