Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

Love this outfit!  Something that I could easily pull out of my closet :)
Vlada Roslyakova. Courtesy of

1.  So, have any of you guys heard about the big snow storm that's hitting the East Coast of the U.S. ?  Well, because of it, I have been stuck in the house for two days now -__-.  I love the snow and all, but it's my Christmas break!  I actually want to do something! Ha ha.  Being stuck in the house with the same people gets really annoying, trust me.  The funny part is that I have lived here my whole life and I'm still not used to being stuck home. 

2.  Since we got hit really bad from the blizzard, I was unable to go to the bookstore to get something new to read.  I was going to look for French Vogue (I am pretty fluent in french, so I was going to try and translate the articles.  Sort of how Liz Gilbert did in Eat, Pray, Love when she was in Italy), Classy: Be a Lady Not a Tramp by Derek Blasberg and Lauren Conrad Style.  Between the blizzard and my sister's warning that she slipped a few times I decided I could wait till the snow melted a bit.

3.  Though I am stuck between buying these three books with my leftover Christmas money and buying a few things from the Charity page on  Yesterday I went onto and to check out the sales and I found Forever 21's new charity page.  It is so cute! I'll do a post on it maybe tomorrow, but it consists of FEED bracelets, Humane Society T-shirts and a Haiti bracelet.  Also, the new spring collection at Charlotte Russe is actually kind of cute.  Might save up to buy a few things from there.  Though I wouldn't be able to wear anything because it's 25F here.  Oh well ha ha.  Hope you all have a lovely day!



  1. Really love that outfit!

  2. I'm not stuck at home but I'm not going out anyway. ;) I love staying in my bed when its cold outside.

    Love the outfit

  3. Love the outfit shot.

  4. This outfit is amazing. x

  5. I LOVE LOVE stockholm streetstyle! <33
    and your blog! I'm following! :)